Our vision is that people everywhere will use the power of insulation

Seminar in G.B.Pant College in Oklha

IIF is happy to announce:

  1. Seminar in G.B.Pant College in Oklha, New Delhi is finalized on 25-08-2015 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
  2. Presentation will be made by 4 speakers on following topics:
  3. Importance of Thermal Insulation for Energy Efficiency in Buildings
    • Professional Application of Insulation in Buildings
    • Practical Training- Live Demos showing installation of
      1. PUF & Rock Wool insulation by Lloyd Insulations,
      2. XPS By Extruded Polystyrene Manufacturer (OC/ Supreme/Isofoam),
      3. PUF Spray by Bayer in collaboration with Graco
      4. Mockups will be displayed and videos will be screened.
        IIF Brochure and Training Manual will be circulated to the participants.
  4. IIF Members/ and invited Applicator around 15-20 are expected in the seminar.
    Food ( Lunch) will be served by IIF.
  5. Opportunity to sponsor is available. We have negotiated @ Rs. 125/- + VAT 12.5% from Nathu’s Sweets. If anyone is interested please confirm to Mr Isaac.

All IIF members are cordially invited to contribute through their presence (time), promotion (talent) and pearls (treasure). It is important that we get a good number of applicators to participate here.

The Program is totally free of cost and first-of-its-kind. Let us join together to make this a success!

Best regards.

Isaac Emmanuel