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Stakeholder Awareness on Insulation

 IIF Awareness-cum-Training Program on Aug 25, 2015

It was indeed a pleasure to see more than 200 students listen in rapt attention as the members of the India Insulation Forum rolled out the first Awareness-cum-Training Program on the Aug 25, 2015 at the G B Pant Polytechnic in Okhla, New Delhi! Thanks to the encouragement of the principal and faculty at the Institute, the IIF was able to conduct a 3 hour Program with Classroom and Demonstration Modules.

The event began with an introduction by the Principal Mr. I J Garg, as he welcomed the gathering of Civil and Mechanical Engineering students. This was followed by a presentation on the Importance of Insulation made by Mr. Sunil Bajaj, of Isofoam, who was also instrumental in arranging the modalities of the program and making it happen. The presentation covered various aspects of the benefits of insulation and highlighted the application areas as well as broad categories of insulation materials. A number of examples of well-known insulated buildings was also discussed.

Subsequently, Mr. Ajay Singh of Lloyd Insulations & Mr. N Swaminathan of Supreme Insulation took the stage with a presentation on the technical aspects of application of insulation. This forms the core of the Training Manual and is vital to the effective industrial adoption of insulation. Pictorial representations of the application techniques held the attention of the students.

The students were also encouraged to visit the website of IIF and begin communicating on insulation to their peers and friends in society through Facebook and other social media. They were also prodded to absorb key facts on energy conservation and its growing significance like “Energy Saved is Energy Generated”.

The second part of the program saw the students move out into the open area where three demonstrations were conducted simultaneously – one each on glass wool/mineral wool, PU spray and XPS. While Mr. Ajay Singh took care of the GW/MW & PU slab segment, the XPS portion was presented by Parvesh Singla of Owens Corning. For the PU spray demo, the popular machine manufacturer Graco brought in a machine along with operators and we were able to showcase the application. For this, we are grateful to the commitment of Graco.

Also present at the event was Rohit Bhatia from UP Twiga. Almost all the faculty of the Institute from the Civil and Mechanical Engineering Departments were present and fully engaged.

In summary, IIF is satisfied at the investment made in reaching out to the student community. We are sure that we have shared knowledge at an early stage of the technical life cycle of future industry colleagues and entrepreneurs. While we may not see fruit immediately, the right root has been touched and in due time, the nation will reap its benefits.

The IIF has increased in its confidence to run such Awareness-cum-Training Programs and we will now focus on actual industrial applicators as well as spread our wings to other geographical regions. Your support is going to be increasingly needed!

Special News

    • https://www.facebook.com/Swissembassyindia

      On June 19, the Embassy of Switzerland in partnership with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power and the India Insulation Forum (IIF) organized a national workshop on building insulation material testing and application in New Delhi.

      The workshop was part of the bilateral cooperation project “Indo-Swiss Building Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP)” and aimed at supporting the Indian laboratories for testing of building materials as well as making available information on products in the Indian market. The event was attended by about 70 high-level professionals from the building sector, insulation materials industry, government, research and academic institutions.
      Application of building insulation is an important strategy to reduce energy consumption in buildings and its use is relatively new in India. Switzerland, having an extensive experience in this field, is happy to collaborate with India and share its knowledge on the subject. The event achieved a major milestone by launching technical manuals on insulation material testing and on the application of building insulation as well as the new IIF website. Memoranda of Understanding were exchanged between BEEP and the representatives of five Indian partner labs to enhance their services on insulation material testing.  (The 5 labs are listed in the IIF Brochure).

    • IIF has expanded into the Western Chapter which was initiated on July 9.  Attended by 9, a new beginning to reach out to the entire value chain focusing on the states of Maharashtra & Gujarat – to make them even smarter energy consumers!

    • Insulation has a significant role to play in alleviating farmers’ woes