Our vision is that people everywhere will use the power of insulation

Technical Features

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Training Programme on Thermal Insulation of Buildings for Energy

  One-day training Programme on Thermal Insulation of Buildings for Energy Efficiency on 2nd Dec.2016 in Delhi, at IHC or Development Alternatives Building. The programme is being designed mainly for young/mid level MEP consultants, Green Building Professionals, and Project Managers working with Builders. The faculty for this programme will be…

Seminar in G.B.Pant College in Oklha

IIF is happy to announce: Seminar in G.B.Pant College in Oklha, New Delhi is finalized on 25-08-2015 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Presentation will be made by 4 speakers on following topics: Importance of Thermal Insulation for Energy Efficiency in Buildings Professional Application of Insulation in Buildings Practical Training-…


Energy saving measures in buildings are necessary for a sustainable development.

Enhance Thermal Comfort :

Insulation protects the external walls against weathering, the building against cooling energy losses and the people from energy drain.